Cruise cancellations & itinerary updates

We at MSC Cruises have decided to further extend the halting of all our new cruise departures fleet-wide through to 31 July, in light of the continued extraordinary circumstances the world is facing in connection with the Covid-19 virus global health emergency.
For all cruises cancelled by MSC, guests will receive a voucher with a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) equal to the value of the amount collected by MSC Cruises for the cancelled cruise, to be utilized for a future cruise on any ship and itinerary of the fleet departing up to December 31st 2021.
On top of the above Future Cruise Credit (FCC), once starting the new cruise, the guests will receive an on board credit between €100 and €400 per cabin, depending on the length of their original cruise.
To find out how to get your Future Cruise Credit and move your upcoming cruise, please check the “Compensation Packages” by clicking here

In addition, if requested, MSC Cruises will guarantee for all existing bookings on cruises sailing from August 1st until October 31st (not cancelled by MSC) an extension of the flexible Commercial Policy already in place. Guests will be able to reschedule their cruise to a future departure date through to 31 December 2021 of any ship and itinerary of the MSC Cruises fleet at no additional costs.

We are working tirelessly with all guests and travel agents to address the impact of this necessary decision to all bookings on our ships up to 31 July and we are genuinely sorry for the inconvenience that this will cause you. By announcing this now, we intend to provide travel agents and guests who are booked on affected sailings with as much time as possible to move your booking to a future cruise.

To find out more on the Flexible Cruise Programme, please click here.

In addition, on June 22 MSC Cruises announced the voluntary further extension of the halting of its cruise operations out of U.S. ports as well as in the Caribbean through to September 15, 2020, included. This extension aligns with the industry-wide voluntary measure announced late last week by Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), the international body representing all major cruise lines. Guests affected by the cancellation of their cruises in connection with this will receive a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) by July 13, where they have the opportunity to transfer the full amount paid for their original booking to a future cruise of their choice – on any ship, for any itinerary - through to the end of 2021. For additional information click here.