Ilha de Mozambique Cruise

Ilha de Mozambique Cruise

A Jewel in the Midst of the Sea

A holiday in Mozambique with an MSC South Africa cruise means disembarking at Ilha de Mozambique, a small patch of land surrounded by crystal-clear waters linked to the country of the same name by a narrow bridge slightly over 3 kilometres long. It is to this town, the first capital of the African country, that Mozambique owes its name.

It is unthinkable to miss out on the chance to visit this very old European settlement: a cruise to Ilha de Mozambique with MSC Cruises will grant you the opportunity to get to know a pearl amidst the sea, declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1991. The island is a mixture of cultures and traditions suspended between Black Africa, the West and the East. It was colonized by the Portugueses, who came here with the explorer Vasco Da Gama. On an MSC South Africa cruise excursion, their passage can still be clearly sensed: the Stone Town with its coloured historical buildings; the Jesuit-built Palace and Chapel of São Paulo, today a museum; the churches of Misericórdia and Santo António; and Cappella di Nossa Senhora de Baluarte.
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*Los huéspedes que no tengan contratada una excursión con MSC no podrán desembarcar en Hellesylt pero si en Geiranger

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