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The Magic of History and Arctic Landscapes

Most travellers to Europe overlook the authentic experience offered by the Baltic Sea, with fjords, glaciers, and highly diversified landscapes gently balanced with a forgotten yet well preserved Medieval history.
Embarking on an MSC Baltic Cruise, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the stunning views and history that surrounds this sea, without any of the crowds and distractions of other European destinations.
The Baltic Cruise 2020-2021 season includes a host of different ports of call, each more amazing than the last. Discover the magic of St. Petersburg, former capital of the Russian Empire and one of the most historic capital cities of Europe. It’s a city rich in cultural attractions that have appealed to the collective imagination for centuries.
The next stop is Stockholm, technological hub and capital of Sweden, where strolling along ancient cobbled streets and alleys is the best way to make your way through the old heart of the city. Edvard Eriksen’s famous Little Mermaid will welcome you to the port of Copenhagen. Inspired by famous writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen, it is the true symbol of the city.
On a Baltic cruise, you’ll be exposed to the forgotten history of Eastern Europe. While the recent past is one involving bloody but proud fights against the Soviet Union for independence, reaching even further back will reveal Medieval roots that can be traced through the fairy-tale-like forests and towns of the Baltic countries.
Escape the crowds, wander castles lost in time, and sip the fresh air of unspoiled natural wonders during the Baltic Cruise 2020 and Baltic Cruise 2021 seasons. Start looking for your ideal Northern Europe itinerary today and don’t miss out on the Baltic cruise deals MSC always has on offer.


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