Eastern Mediterranean CRUISES

Rich History, Beautiful Beaches and Lush Landscapes
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Rich History, Beautiful Beaches and Lush Landscapes

A cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean is a journey through diverse cultures steeped in history, delicious cuisines and ports with some of the best destinations that the Mediterranean has to offer. Discover the regions that make the birthplace of Western Civilisations, with a rich history and cities dating back to the Ancient Greek and Roman Empires.

Eastern Mediterranean cruises
with MSC will take you through the Adriatic Sea, where you can explore Italian ports, such as the romantic city of Venice. Take your partner on a gondola tour through the many canals, then set off to St Mark’s square to see the surrounding crowds and the beauty of Byzantine architecture. Venture to Croatia to visit the beautiful city of Dubrovnik and walk through the atmospheric old town, a must-see for any Game of Thrones fans who want to explore the city that Kings’ Landing was based on. For a more serene getaway, travel to Montenegro and enjoy the beaches in Kotor with jaw-dropping views of the landscape.

EAstern Mediterranean Ports

MSC Eastern Cruises 2021-2022 are easily accessed by several conveniently located ports.

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